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5 Out of Water Workouts That Every Swimmer Will Benefit From

By Ryan Blair
(contributing author to IBSC blog)

Swimmers get to take advantage of the freedom and exhilaration the water has to offer. However, not all workouts have to take place in the pool. Whether you're a competitive swimmer or just want to take your game to the next level, it's important to vary your training in order to make the most of what your body is capable of. Here are five out-of-water workouts and you should be sure to incorporate.

1. Turkish Get Up

As a swimmer, you must engage the shoulders in constant rotation. That's why it's important to encourage shoulder flexibility and stability. The Turkish get up is an exercise that allows you to achieve just that. It uses all the muscles in the body with a focus on the shoulder area.

Using a dumbbell, lie on your back with the dumbbell raised over your head. Using your free arm, lift yourself up until your legs and torso are at a 90 degree angle. Keeping the dumbbell lifted over your head, stand up. This exercise should be repeated ten times for each arm, and it can help you significantly in toning your upper arms while simultaneously working out other areas of the body crucial to swimming.

2. Kipping Pull Up

The kipping pull up resembles a full swimming stroke and can help you truly stand out during any swim. While most pull ups are focused on arm strength, this variation instead focuses on successive engagement of various muscle groups as you work to keeping your chin over the bar and body fully extended.

There are various versions of the kipping pull up including the butterfly kip which incorporates upward and downward kicks which resemble the butterfly stroke. Whichever version you choose during your next workout, they all require rhythmic coordination of all the muscle groups used including the torso and lower body. Misty Hyman, Olympic Gold medalist in the 200 meter butterfly at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, attributes much of her success to this beneficial exercise.

3. Plank Row

A great way to take the plank to a whole new level is to incorporate a rowing motion using dumbbells. Holding one in each hand, get into a plank position. In order to maintain balance and stability, keep the feet and knees hip-width apart. As you begin to shift your weight to the left arm, slowly lift the right dumbbell off the floor until it reaches your chest area in a rowing motion.

Form is important as you engage in this exercise. For starters, keep your buttocks as low to the ground as possible in order to engage the abdominal muscles. Furthermore, as you engage in the rowing motion, make sure your body doesn't rotate. Focus on keeping your chest pointed toward the floor.

4. Medicine Ball Pushup

One of the most overlooked accessories in the gym is the medicine ball, and you can use one to further strengthen your upper body and keep your workouts diverse. Using a solid medicine ball capable of supporting your body weight, place your right hand on it as you get into plank position. Do a pushup and then push the ball over to your left hand. Repeat with a pushup with the left hand, and repeat the cycle. 

The plank position is more advanced. However, if you don't feel comfortable starting out in this position, try starting out with your legs bent as you use your knees to balance. 

5. Circuit Training

A great way to keep things interesting at the gym is to perform circuit training geared toward focusing on all the major muscle groups used in swimming. A great regimen to follow that helps you do just that is as follows:

20 jump squats
10 lunge jumps
10 dive bomber pushups
20 squats
10 lunges with twists on each side of the body
20 front plank taps per side
20 side plank rotations per side
20 supermans
20 flutterkicks per side

Depending on your level of experience and time constraints, this routine should be repeated three to four times for a complete workout. 

Nutritional Tips

It's important to incorporate proper nutrition. After all, the fuel you use to operate your body dictates just how far you can push yourself. The benefits of creatine and other supplements are vast as they allow you to engage in dynamic workouts. Especially as you get older, creatine levels tend to decrease, and taking a supplement can help you build and maintain muscle mass. Other nutrition tips swimmers specifically can benefit from include:

Eating simple carbs right before and after a workout
Eating protein directly before a workout
Keeping your carb to protein ratio post-workout 4:1
Consuming ample amounts of vitamin D for strength and endurance
Drinking plenty of water (at least 64 ounces per day)

Pushing Your Limits

As an athlete, you enjoy the freedom of pushing the limits when it comes to your capabilities. The body is surprisingly adaptable, and when you give it the nutrition and exercise it needs, there's more you can accomplish than you likely even realize. By following these five out-of-water workouts and tips, you can be on your way to raising the bar of your personal dreams and goals.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Team Briefing on SportExcel Leg2, 2016

Parents and IBSC swimmers,

Please note that a Team Briefing on SportExcel Leg 2 will take place as follows to be briefed by Team Managers, Mr Vincent Low and En. Nizarudin Sulaiman.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

IBSC finalists get high points reward for their achievement in SportExcel Junior Swimming Circuit, Grand Final 2015

IBSC finalists who scored points for the Club in last year's SportExcel Junior Swimming Circuit, Grand Final 2015 are a lucky lot as they got rewarded for their achievements today in a simple ceremony. The points were converted into cash for the very first time.

The conversion was made possible with a grant allocation from Majlis Sukan Wilayah Persekutuan for the junior swimming final circuit which was held on 15-16 August, 2015 at Kompleks Renang Kuala Lumpur. The Club has channeled all the proceeds back to the swimmers as a reward to appreciate their hard work.

The points earner was each rewarded with cash prize and a certificate of achievement presented by IBSC's President, Mr Teo Mua Seng and Head Coach, En. Shazali Salleh.

Finalists and point achievers receiving their cash envelopes and certificates

The top points earner was Yeong Zhen Yi who collected 33 points to get the top cash award, followed by Steve Khiew, 29 points. See Zhi Syuen and Ng Zi Syuen, both with 17 points, shared the 3rd position.

Yeong Zhen Yi with Coach Shazali
Steve Khiew with Mr Teo

See Zhi Syuen happy with her reward

Ng Zi Syuen, petite but strong swimmer

The Club also wish to thank the parents for being so supportive of their children's sports throughout their training and hope that the athletes will progress further with their unconditional love and encouragement.

The President also reminded fellow swimmers to participate actively in SportExcel Junior Swimming Circuit which is a development platform to yield the potential of young swimmers.

IBSC has committed to giving out further incentive for the forthcoming SportExcel 2016 and swimmers will need to race faster to reach the rewards.

The Club records its appreciation to Majlis Sukan Wilayah Persekutuan and Persatuan Renang Amatur Kuala Lumpur for the grand allocation.

More photos at IBSC Gallery

Sunday, 8 May 2016

MAS Open 2016 - Daily Overall Results

Please view daily results below :

MAS Open 2016 - Day 4 Overall Results

MAS Open 2016 - Day 3 Overall Results

MAS Open 2016 - Day 2 Overall Results

MAS Open 2016 - Day 1 Overall Results

View Full Results here.

CONGRATULATIONS to all medalists and achievers.

The Star : Sim-ply the best Mother's Day gift from pool wonder Welson


Welson Sim on his way to winning the men’s 1500m freestyle gold medal in the Malaysian Open. MUHAMAD SHAHRIL ROSLI / The Star.

SHAH ALAM: Youngster Welson Sim presented his biggest fan – mum Lee Ngiat Kim – an ideal gift on Mother’s Day.

The 19-year-old Sarawakian splashed to his third gold medal and an Olympic B cut after winning the men’s 1,500m freestyle in the Malaysian Open Swimming Championships at the Shah Alam Aquatic Centre on Sunday.

With his mother and family members cheering from the stands, Welson completed the gruelling race in 15:35.63 to dip under the Rio Olympic B time of 15:46.79.

India’s Sajan Prakash took the silver in 15:47.68 while Indonesia’s Aflah Fadlan Prawira clocked 16:00.79 to bag the bronze.

It’s the second B cut for Welson, having posted 50.32 in the 100m freestyle at the National Age-Group Championships at the same venue in March.

Welson also made the A cut in the 200m and 400m freestyle at the Singapore National Age-Group Championships, also in March. He is the first Malaysian to qualify for the Olympics under two A times.

“I’m happy that my mum is here to see me swim. I was all motivated to make my family happy today as it’s also Mother’s Day. I’m glad that I managed to record my personal best in the 1,500m freestyle although I’ve not focused on this event for some time,” said Welson, who will be heading to Melbourne next weekend for a two-week training stint as part of his build-up to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in August.

“The two-week training stint will be good as I will be training at the club where Australian freestyle swimmer Mack Horton is based.

“He is ranked first in the world this year and a bronze medallist at last year’s World Championships. It’s going to be a very good experience.

“I have three competitions in Europe coming up next month. I will try to improve on my 1,500m freestyle personal best time,” added Welson, who won the 200m and 400m freestyle earlier in the week.

The NST : Welson dedicates gold medal to his mum for Mother's Day


SHAH ALAM: Welson Sim dedicated his gold medal to his mother Lee Ngiat Khim after winning the men’s 1,500m freestyle race by meeting the ‘B’ Olympic time in the Malaysian Open Swimming Championships at Darul Ehsan Aquatic Centre today.

Welson dipped below the ‘B’ Olympic time of 15:46.79 by clocking 15:35.63.

India’s Sajan Prakash won the silver medal in 15.47.68 while Indonesia’s Aflah Fadlan Prawira took third with 16:00.79.

It was the 19-year-old’s third individual gold medal in the Malaysian Open after winning the 200m and 400m freestyle races in the opening three days.

“I dedicate my gold medal to my mom as today is Mother’s Day. She is very proud of my achievement,” said Welson today.

“I clocked a new personal best in the 1,500m event today but I believe I can swim faster in this event.”

Welson has met the ‘A’ Olympic times for the 200m and 400m freestyle races.

The Sarawakian will leave form Melbourne for a two-week training stint on Saturday to prepare for three meets in Europe in July.


Men’s 50m freestyle: 1 Triady Fauzi Sidiq (Ina) 23.06, 2 Aaron D’ Souza (Ind) 23.10, 3 Glenn Victor Sutanto (Ina) 23.39;

100m butterfly: 1 Triady Fauzi Sidiq (Ina) 52.77 (MR), 2 Glenn Victor Sutanto (Ina) 53.44, 3 Chen Jie (Sel) 54.67;

200m backstroke: 1 Ricky Anggawidjaja (Ina) 2:02.81 (MR), 2 Gede Siman Sudarwata (Ina) 2:05.35, 3 Tiaa Faang Der (Joh) 2:11.69;

1500m freestyle: 1 Welson Sim (Sar) 15:35.63, 2 Sajan Prakash (Ind) 15:47.68, 3 Aflah Fadlan Prawira (Ina) 16:00.79.

Women’s 50m freestyle: 1 Camille Cheng (Hkg) 25.95, 2 Chui Lai Kwan (Sab) 26.52, 3 Yu Wai Ting (Hkg) 26.61;

100m butterfly: 1 Chan Kin Lok (Hkg) 1:00.00 (MR), 2 Sze Hang Yu (Hkg) 1:00.03, 3 Nicholle Toh (Sin) 1:02.40;

200m backstroke: 1 Stephanie Shun (Hkg) 2:11.60 (MR), 2 Yessy Yosaputra (Ina) 2:19.23, 3 Redza Nadia Adrianna (Sel) 2:27.44;

800m freestyle: 1 Raina Saumi Grahana (Ina) 8:56.86, 2 Khoo Cai Lin (Sel) 9:07.77, 3 Angela Chieng (Sar) 9:13.70.

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/05/144450/swimming-welson-dedicates-gold-medal-his-mum-mothers-day

Utusan Online : Renang: Welson Sim melepasi had masa kelayakan ke Sukan Olimpik

BERNAMA  |  08 Mei 2016 8:00 PM

SHAH ALAM 8 Mei - Perenang negara, Welson Sim melepasi had masa kelayakan ke Sukan Olimpik bagi kategori B dalam acara 1,500 meter gaya bebas lelaki di Kejohanan Terbuka Malaysia ke-59 hari ini.

Percubaan Welson untuk menambah slot ke Rio de Janeiro, Brazil secara merit tidak kesampaian apabila beliau sekadar melakukan catatan masa 15 minit 35.63 saat di Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan di sini.

Beliau perlu melepasi had masa kelayakan iaitu 15:14.77s.

Welson berkata, beliau juga masih bekerja keras untuk memecah rekod kebangsaan bagi acara 1500m gaya bebas itu yang masih dimiliki oleh bekas perenang negara Jeffrey Ong pada 1991 dengan catatan masa 15:23.61s.

"Memang susah untuk melepasi had masa ke Olimpik, tetapi saya berpuas hati dengan catatan masa saya hari ini kerana ia adalah catatan terbaik saya. Saya perlu mengatasi rekod kebangsaan bagi acara 1500m itu dulu sebelum memikirkan untuk melepasi had kelayakan bagi kategori A di Sukan Olimpik," katanya kepada pemberita.

Welson hari ini menambah koleksi ketiga pingat emas bagi acara berkenaan selepas mengalahkan perenang India, Sajan Prakash dengan catatan 15:47.68s di tempat kedua.

Perenang Indonesia, Aflah Fadlan Prawira melengkapkan podium di tempat ketiga dengan 16:00.79s.

"Saya gembira dengan kemenangan pingat emas ketiga ini, kejayaan ini adalah untuk ibu saya (Lee Ngiat Kim) sempena sambutan Hari Ibu hari ini," katanya.

Dalam Kejohanan Terbuka Malaysia, Welson turut meraih pingat emas dalam acara 400m gaya bebas dan 200m gaya bebas serta satu pingat perak dalam acara 100m gaya bebas.

Welson kini telah meraih dua slot A ke Sukan Olimpik bagi acara 400m gaya bebas dan 200m gaya bebas. Slot B pula dalam acara 1500m gaya bebas dan 100m gaya bebas.

"Saya akan berlatih di Australia selama dua minggu selepas ini, di sana saya berlatih dengan pasukan Australia dan juga perenang nombor satu dunia iaitu Mack Horton," katanya.

Welson masih mempunyai peluang untuk memburu slot Olimpik dalam acara 100m gaya bebas dan 1500m gaya bebas dalam tiga kejohanan di Eropah selepas ini. - BERNAMA

- See more at: http://www.utusan.com.my/sukan/renang-welson-sim-melepasi-had-masa-kelayakan-ke-sukan-olimpik-1.319976#sthash.oZoVDXO3.dpuf
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