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SUKMA 2012, Pahang

The much awaited SUKMA 2012 in Pahang has finally arrived and the KL Team was eagerly waiting to try out the RM21 mil upgraded Wisma Belia Swimming Complex in Bandar Indera Mahkota, Kuantan.

The pool with a new roof, all ready to host SUKMA 2012

Parents and friends have also shown tremendous support by accompanying the KL swimmers to Kuantan and cheering for them. The gruelling 5 days competition took place from 8 to 12 July, 2012 and the KL team was led by Mr Wong Kam Yuen as the Team Manager. The accompanying coaches were PRAKL Elite team coach, Coach He Tinglan and IBSC Head Coach, Coach Shazali.

Ian James Barr made headlines on the second day of the meet when he broke his own national record in the 200m IM with a new time of 2:05.82s over-writing his old time of 2:06.98s.

Ian James Barr created another national record in 200m IM despite suffering from hand injury.

Christina Loh also broke 2 meet records in her pet events. She smashed Erika Kong's 2010 record of 1:12.45s in the 100m breaststroke and the next day she went on to re-write her own record of 30.40 in the 50m breaststroke with a new timing of 30.44s.

Women breaststroke event (Source : Pelapis) 

Backstroker, Chan Kah Yan also rewarded herself with some pre-retirement gold when she dashed to break 2 records in the 50m and 100m backstroke by clocking 30.35s and 1:05.31s respectively.

Chan Kah Yan, launched herself to a perfect start

The national swimmers are restricted to only 2 individual events in the swimming championship.

At the end of the meet, Team Selangor emerged as overall champion with a haul of 11 gold, 8 silver and 13 bronze after a draught of several years. Sarawak came in second with 10 gold, 4 silver and 6 bronze while Team WP managed a third placing with collection of 7 gold, 10 silver and 7 bronze.

Ian getting a kiss from mum, Irene, after winning the 50m backstroke
Congratulations to our KL Team for a commendable achievement in their individual events in particular :

Ian James Barr
200m IM (gold - national & meet record, 2:05.82)
50m backstroke (gold - meet record, 26.86)

Christina Loh Yen Ling
50m breaststroke (gold - meet record, 30.40)
100m breaststroke (gold - meet record, 1:12.41)

Chan Kah Yan
100m backstroke (gold - meet record, 1:05.31)
50m backstroke (silver - meet record, 30.35)

Ong Min Fen
200m freestyle (silver)
400m freestyle (silver)
400m IM (silver)
200m backstroke (silver)
200m IM (silver)
800m freestyle (silver)
200m butterfly (bronze)

Mak Ai Sin
200m breaststroke (silver)
100m freestyle (bronze)

Tan Gin Yu
400m IM (silver)
200m butterfly (bronze)
1500m freestyle (bronze)

Andrew Loh
50m backstroke (bronze)

Tan Rou Ying
50m backstroke (bronze)

Women Relays 4x100m

The WP Women (Chan Kah Yan, Christina Loh, Ong Min Fen & Mak Ai Sin) did us proud by claiming victory in the  4x 100m Medley Relay after beating the Sabah and Selangor teams with a record time of 4:23.17s, erasing the old record of 4:25.82s which was also previously achieved by the KL team.

Watch the Women Relay 4x100m video.

The WP Women (Chan Kah Yan, Mak Ai Sin, Tan Rou Ying and Ong Min Fen) also took home gold in the 4x100m Freestyle Relay with a winning time of 3:59.75s.

The KL girls won gold for 4x100m freestyle relay. From left, Ong Min Fen, Chan Kah Yan, Mak Ai Sin & Bonnie Tan posing with Pengarah Majlis Sukan Wilayah Persekutuan, Encik Mohd. Hamidi Abu Bakar and Mae Chen

Women Relays 4x200m

The WP Women with team members Tan Rou Ying, Nur Hanisah, Mak Ai Sin and Ong Min Fen, managed a bronze in the 4 x 200m freestyle relay event after being beaten by their East Malaysian rivals.

Bronze medallists, from left, Keith Lim, Jeremy Ng, Andrew Loh & Ian James 
Men Relays 4x100m

The WP Men (Ian James Barr, Andrew Loh, Jeremy Ng and Keith Lim) on the other hand salvaged themselves by scooping up a silver in the 4 x 100m Medley Relay after the Selangor Team snatched the gold.

The next biennial sporting event will see Perlis playing a host to SUKMA 2014.

Let's hope that our Team WP will garner more gold in 2014.

SUKMA 2012 Results can be downloaded here.

You may also refer to or
for full reports the events.

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Enjoy some snapshots of SUKMA 2012.

PRAKL Coach He Ting Lan and IBSC Head Coach, Coach Shazali

From left, Bonnie Tan, Vanessa Lee, Teo Yang Jiew and Coach Shazali

The KL girls, from left, Vanessa Lee, Mak Ai Sin, Nur Hanisah and Taqiah

The Team WP

The KL Team medallists during the award presentation with KL Team Manager, Mr KW Wong (far left), PRAKL Coach He (in navy blue) and IBSC Head Coach, Coach Shazali (far right)

* Photo courtesy of Irene Low, Vivian Ong, Vanessa Lee, Teo Yang Jiew and Bonnie Tan

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