Friday, 21 December 2012

The Star : MSSM kingpins to host two events next year


THE Selangor Schools Sports Council (MSSS) have been given the responsibility to host two events — aquatics and artistic gymnastics — in the 2013 Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSM) programme.

Selangor Education Department Sports Unit head Noor Azli Abdul Rahman (pic) said they would be hosting both the events for the second straight year.

“We are happy to be given the opportunity to host the event again. We will work hard towards making the aquatics and artistic gymnastics events an exciting and interesting affair to the participating states,’’ said Noor Azli.

The aquatics championship involves swimming, diving and water-polo and will be held at the Darul Ehsan Aquatic Centre in Shah Alam from March 21-31 while the venue for the artistic gymnastics, to be held from June 2-9, is yet to be finalised.

As in the past years, Selangor are eager to maintain their supremacy in the MSSM programme. Selangor are considered the kingpins of the MSSM programme. They have been the overall champions since 2000. This year, Selangor were champions in seven sports — cross country, chess, artistic gymnastics, basketball, table tennis, tennis and bowling — and runners-up in football, softball, golf, sailing, aquatics and rhythmic gymnastics.

Noor Azli said they had started early preparations for the new season with several programmes.

“We had initiated the Mini Olympics and also the Under-11 carnival. The two events were a platform to identify new talents for the 2013 and subsequent years,’’ said Noor Azli.

The MSSS will start the new season with the golf championships for three age groups — Under-12, Under-15 and Under-18 — for both boys and girls, to be organised by Hulu Langat District Schools Sports Council on Feb 18.

A total 12 events — cross country, golf, cricket, archery, rugby, chess, squash, aquatics, table tennis, rhythmic gymnastics and athletics — will be held in February and March.

Another 12 sports — football, bowling, handball, softball, netball, artistic gymnastics, badminton, hockey, volleyball, sailing, basketball and sepak takraw — will be held during the month of May and April.

Noor Azli said the championships would serve as a selection base to identify Selangor’s representatives for the MSSM championships.

“The technical chairman of the respective sports will be responsible for selecting the players as well as drawing up the training programmes for the MSSM championships. We are confident the officials will do a good job,’’ said Noor Azli.

The Selangor Schools Sports Council (MSSM) 2013 Programme

Feb 18-21: Golf (Hulu Langat)

Feb 18-22: Rugby (Gombak)

Feb 18-22: Chess (Sepang)

Feb 18-22: Aquatics (Petaling Utama)

Feb 18-22: Table Tennis (Sabak Bernam)

Feb 18-22: Cricket (Hulu Selangor)

Feb 19-22: Squash (Petaling Utama)

Feb 22-24: Cross Country (Sabak Bernam)

Feb 25-28: Archery (Hulu Langat)

Feb 25-28: Tennis (Kuala Langat)

March 4-8: Rhythmic Gymnastics (Kuala Langat)

April 15-18: Athletics (Petaling Perdana)

April 22-26: Hockey (Hulu Selangor)

April 22-26: Volleyball (Petaling Perdana)

April 22-26: Softball (Klang)

April 22-26: Netball (Kuala Selangor)

May 5-9: Badminton (Petaling Utama)

May 6-10: Football (Kuala Selangor)

May 6-10: Bowling (Gombak)

May 6-10: Handball (Hulu Langat)

May 6-10: Artistic Gymnastics (Petaling Perdana)

May 6-10: Sailing (Sepang)

May 6-10: Basketball (Klang)

May 13-17: Sepak Takraw (Kuala Selangor)

Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSM) 2013 Programme

March 21-25: Cross Country (Kelantan)

March 23-29: Golf (Sabah)

March 23-31: Cricket (Penang)

March 23-30: Archery (Kuala Lumpur)

March 23-31: Rugby (Perak)

March 23-31: Chess (Perak)

March 23-April 1: Squash (Malacca)

March 23-31: Aquatics (Selangor)

March 23-31: Table Tennis (Kelantan)

March 23-31: Tennis (Sarawak)

March 23-30: Rhythmic Gymnastics (Kuala Lumpur)

May 17-24: Athletics (Pahang)

June 1-9: Hockey (Malacca)

June 1-9: Volleyball (Terengganu)

June 1-9: Sailing (Terengganu)

June 1-9: Basketball (Penang)

June 1-9: Handball (Kedah)

June 1-9: Football (Johor)

June 2-9: Bowling (Johor)

June 2-9: Softball (Negri Sembilan)

June 2-8: Netball (Perlis)

June 2-9: Artistic Gymnastics (Selangor)

June 2-8: Badminton (Labuan)

June 2-9: Sepak Takraw (Kedah)

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