Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A school of little ikan bilis made an interesting outing to Sport Excel Leg 1

The Sport Excel-MILO-NSC-ASUM Junior Swimming Circuit is probably the best avenue for new learners to experiment themselves in a swimming competition where they can feel the difference in a competitive environment. Here, the swimmers also get a chance to mingle around with new friends and gain valuable experience in the pool.

Held for 2 days on 11-12 May 2013, the Leg 1 of the Sport Excel swimming meet just concluded last weekend in Shah Alam pool with close to 800 swimmers participating from various states in Malaysia.

IBSC registered 108 swimmers, the second biggest team after PADE, the organising club.

This year, many new tiny ikan-bilises have joined us in the outing, making it most interesting for the Group 4 kids to experience the competition the hands-on way. Right from the pre-commencement of the meet in the marshall's room, the young ones were initially confused with the chaotic situation of reporting. Some couldn't find their heats, some have sudden urge of going to the restroom while lining-up and some just refused to go reporting claiming big butterflies in their small tummies.

From the jumping block to the finishing line, there were tears as well as laughter. Many have learnt fast though and became wiser as the meet progressed. On the second day, as swimmers get the grasp of flow better, all was smooth-sailing to our relief.

Many first-timers got to suffer DQs for mistakes they have made unconsciously or unintentionally but this is the most valuable lessons to be learned from the meet. And remember those lessons! You definitely do not want the referees to mark your DQ slip again with the same mistake in future  competitions.

Overall IBSC, as the defending champion for many years, did fairly well despite missing some key swimmers this round as many are bogged down with mid-year exams and other activities. Gladly, IBSC topped the list with the most points collected, standing at 2883 while PADE has also impressively garnered 2844.5 points, just marginally behind IBSC. See the top 5 teams below.

Thanks to the point contributors of IBSC. Everyone of you chipped in your fair share and it's the team work that has pushed us to the peak.

Well done to the 20 top point scorers of IBSC  :

CONGRATULATIONS to all IBSC swimmers for achieving great times, new PBs and securing the medals.

The IBSC Support Team also did their most supporting role in accompanying their kids and cheering for them in the race. Thanks to the chaperones for arranging the food and also the volunteers who have assisted in guarding the children during the meet. And most of all thanks to the coaches for their great advice and guidance.

Lee Jia Jing, with great fighting spirit, amassed 2 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze in Leg 1 to emerge as the top scorer for IBSC
Swimmers who cut their PBs get a cut of the ice lollies too.

Until then, let's work and train harder to achieve a better feat in Leg 2. The Sport Excel Leg 2 will take place in the Hang Jebat Aquatic Stadium in Malacca on 15-16 June, 2013.

Again as a reminder, please note that for each event, the top 24 swimmers who accumulate the most points in Leg 1 and 2 will qualify themselves into the Sport Excel Grand Final to be held in Kuala Lumpur on 24-25 August, 2013.

See Full Results of Sport Excel 2013, Leg 1.

See more photos in IBSC Gallery.

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