Saturday, 31 May 2014

Gin Yu scooped up gold in 400m IM

Tan Gin Yu, IBSC bred swimmer, scooped up a gold in his favourite 400m IM event in SUKMA Perlis on day 1 when he raced to the finishing line with a time of 4:39.70 ahead of Alex Tiong (Swk) who did 4:40.63.

Gin Yu happy to win gold in 400m IM
On the second day, Gin Yu also managed a bronze medal in the 200m butterfly event with a time of 2:08.21 after his compatriot team member, Wong Jun Bin, swam a faster time to claim victory at 2:05.97.

Representing the contingent of Federal Territory, both Gin Yu and Jun Bin is now based in Singapore.

Gin Yu's medals display

In SUKMA 2012, Gin Yu swam to 1 silver and 2 bronze.

Gin Yu raced to the touch board with gold in mind
Thumbs-up for a great swim

The SUKMA 2014 live results can be viewed from Meet Mobile.

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