Sunday, 20 March 2016

Coach Zoe and Zhen Yi championed the PD International Swimathon 2016 in the female categories

The weekend is filled with excitement as some of IBSC swimmers traveled to Pantai Cahaya Negeri, Port Dickson to join the PD International Swimathon 2016 this morning, 20 March 2016. The participants swam either the 2.5km or 5km distance.

We are very proud of our very own Coach Zoe, who triumphed the swimathon as the fastest female swimmer for the category aged 35 and above in the 5km race. A seasoned triathlon athlete, the achievement of Coach Zoe does not come as a surprise to us.

Coach Zoe, an inspiration to her students and IBSC members

Meanwhile, IBSC swimmers, Yeong Zhen Yi and Chong Yong Qi, both won first and second place respectively for the Female 12 - 34 category. Congratulations to both girls for another amazing feat.

First timer, Chloe Ng, managed a commendable 7th position. Chloe felt a lot tougher swimming in the open sea as it is dark, choppy and a challenge to swim against the current. Having finished her maiden swim in the 2.5km race this time, she is determined to attempt the 5km course next year.

Chloe's father, Ng Weng Kong, inspired Chloe into the sport and he led by example by emerging 3rd in the Male 45 and above category.  Zhen Yi's brother, Yeong Yik San, claimed 5th position for the Male 12-24 category.

Absolutely, a great outing and accomplishment for IBSC swimmers! Bravo to all finishers too!

Spectators and supporters witnessing the swim
Yeong Yik San with sister, Zhen Yi
Female 13 & above winners
Ng Weng Kong (left) with daughter Chloe (right)
Female 12-35 winners

See more photos at IBSC Gallery.

* Photos courtesy of IBSC parents

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