Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Golden girl Christina claimed second meet record in SUKMA XVIII 2016

Christina Loh proved to be a golden girl indeed having smashed a second met record of her own in SUKMA XVIII 2016 in Kuching on the third day of the bi-annual championship.

It was a heart stopping moment to watch Christina glided neck to neck with Koh Jia Yi (Sel) in the 50m breaststroke event but undoubtedly it was her seasoned experience and great finishing touch that rewarded her with a new record. Christina bettered her previous 2012 record of 33.40 with a faster time of 33.29.

Koh Jia Yi (Sel) took silver (33.42) whilst Caryn Kay Chan (Trg) settled for bronze (34.64).

Ong Ming Fen collected her third silver when she came second in the 800m freestyle. The gold went the host, Sarawak, represented by Angela Chieng. Bronze went to Rosalind Pang (Sel).

Meanwhile, another peak episode of the day was in the 200m butterfly event. Tia'a Faang Der broke a long standing record belonging to Alex Lim of 2:03.91 (2000) when he shed it by almost a second to 2:02.93.

WIPER's swimmers Wong Jun Bin and Tan Gin Yu both followed in twin velocity to take the silver (2:08.21) and bronze (2:08.35) respectively.

200m fly event

The men's 4x100m freestyle relay witnessed the stronger Selangor team breaking another meet record when they swam collectively at 3:28.22. KL team was positioned second at 3:30.92.

Some of the KL boys. L-R : Adam, Gin Yu, Nicholas, Brandy & Muqhis

KL Team members, L-R : Anson Chew, Ming Fen, Yue Hong & Nurlatifa

The 3rd day results of SUKMA XVIII 2016 can be downloaded here.

* photos courtesy of Pn. Suraya

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