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IBSC broke most records in the 35th President Cup 2016

The much awaited President Cup 2016, has just ended after 3 gruesome days of competition at Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan in Shah Alam from 25th to 27th November 2016. A total of 42 clubs with 1,213 athletes participated this year.

Team IBSC has the biggest contingent of 164 swimmers being registered, a good sign of keen participation in the annual inter-club competition, especially among the junior learners, .  The big team led by Mr Vincent Low and Mr KK Yap as the team managers experienced hectic days catering to the needs of the swimmers and coaches. Fortunately the good chaperones and supportive parents all rendered great help and assistance as usual.


Team IBSC settled for 1st runner-up position with a modest shortfall after clinching 967.5 points behind PADE (1113 points). The 3rd position was won by DSA with 385.5 points.

IBSC however managed to close the gap compared to last year and that is itself an accomplishment. What is more important is that many swimmers progress well and set splendid PBs after months of diligent training, thanks to all the coaches at various levels.

Much to the delight of the parents and coaches, IBSC broke the most number of records in the meet and we congratulate the record breakers below.

IBSC Swimmer
New Meet Record
Old Meet Record
Old Record by
50 Fly
Open (M)
Tern Jian Han
25.48 (2014)
Chan Jie
50 Back
Open (M)
Tern Jian Han
26.74 (2014)
Tern Jian Han
100 Fly
Open (M)
Tern Jian Han
56.35 (2015)
Chan Jie
50 Breast
Group 2 (M)
Ng Kai Wen
31.08 (2014)
Adam Afif
50 Breast
Group 2 (F)
Mia O’Leary
34.35 (2014)
Yan Ying Lai
4x100 Mixed Relay
Iqmal Muqhis
Whisky Chew
Zachary Lim
Joshi Jundi
3:54.51 (2008)
C.Lim/Muhd. Arief/W.Teh/ JB Foo

The top 20 points achievers of IBSC are tabulated below. BIG Congratulations  to them for their feat and fighting spirits in gaining points after points for the club in such a competitive meet.

The FULL RESULTS of the 35th President Cup 2016 can be downloaded here.

The committee once again thank the coaches and support team for their strong backing and unwavering support. Also appreciation to Team Managers, chaperones and volunteers for their exhausting work of running around the poolside looking after the needs of the swimmers.


Tern Jian Han has 3 amazing meet records to himself in President Cup 2016. Jian Han collected 3 gold and 1 silver.

Mia couldn't contain her smile after breaking the 50m breaststroke record with a flat 34s. Competed only for 2 days, she has 2 gold and 1 silver in her pocket.

Ng Kai Wen (left) broke Adam's 50m breaststroke record and clinched 1 gold & 1 silver. Meanwhile Sebastian (right) held on to 1 gold & 2 silver with his sterling performances

Keith Lim propelled to 4 silver and 2 bronze in the boys open category
Law Li Wei amassed the most points for IBSC and is the top points earner for the club. She scooped up 2 gold and 3 silver in the race.

Zachary Lim 2nd top points earner for the club with 3 silver and 2 bronze 
100m x 4 mixed relay boys broke a 8 year old record of PADE with an astonishing time of 3:54.05 from the spectacular swim from Joshi Jundi, Zachary Lim, Whisky Chew and Iqmal Muqhis. 

Mixed age group relay girls swam to silver, a concerted effort from Mia O'Leary, Nurlatifa, Ashley Ting and Law Li Wei 

The PRAKL squad led by Coach Zhang. From left, Ashley Ting, Coach Zhang, Ng Hung Teck, Steve Khiew, Anson Chew, Kevin Lim, Rohan Lee, Low Ken Ji and Chan Jun Jian
Training mates, Iqmal Muqhis and Joshi performed with flying colours. Muqhis has 2 gold, 1 silver & 2 bronze and Joshi earned 1 gold & 2 silver.

Boy boys boys 
Thanks to the Chaperones catering to IB's 'makan-makan' sessions

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