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Ben Proud Swim Clinic presented by Air Asia identifies talented IBSC swimmers to fly

Last Saturday on 25 Feb 2017, AirAsia presented a swim clinic - Ben Proud's Talent Pool 2017 at Marina Putrajaya which has attracted some 30 swimmers from the Klang Valley. During the registration, they were also pampered with gifts and training gears from AirAsia and Adidas.

IBSC signed up some eager swimmers and joined the one-day clinic consisting of dry and pool sessions with Ben Proud, the British Olympic swimmer whose training was also founded in our very own country during his schooling years.

The participants have a group photo opportunity with AirAsia's CEO, Ms Aireen Omar, AirAsia representatives and AquaElite coaches before the session started 

The kids have thoroughly enjoyed both the dry and pool sessions and here are some of the experiences they share.

Muhd Andi recounted; "In the class, the coaches gave us so many of tips; starting with the food that's good for swimmer and preparation to face competition, why stretching exercise is good, and what we should do when we are waiting for our event to be called in the marshal room until to the starting block. There is an interesting tip that we should control our emotion with the good control so that we will not be stressed or panic. We should be confident of ourselves."

He continued; "Ben Proud joined us in the pool session and showed us how to glide under water and do flip turn with the right position so as to be faster. He also taught us the right arm pull, kicking, and head positioning when we swim each stroke." 

Another swimmer Alif Idlan posted some useful tips in FB after the clinic as shown in his note below.

The kids need to be attentive, focus and display a good attitude towards training during the swim clinic as they would stand a chance to be selected to join the continuing learning program with Ben Proud in the next camp, the organiser announced.

At the end of the sessions, the crucial and most exciting moment came when Ben himself announced and picked Muhd Andi and Nicole Chan, both from IBSC, as the winners and talents of the program. Both were presented with an AirAsia aeroplane model which promised them free flights with the World's Best Low-Cost Airline to either Phuket or Gold Coast to join Ben Proud in the next swim camp. IBSC is so proud of the duo!

#Daretodream winners

Nicole Chan, when asked, has this to say;

" First of all, I would like to give a million thanks to IBSC in giving me this opportunity to attend Ben Proud's Talent Pool 2017 swim clinic. I have learned new things and techniques while attending this swim clinic. Race preparation, goal setting, mental rehearsal, visualization, self believing, focusing, dealing with failure and stroke correction were the techniques we have learned. 

I never expect myself to train again with Ben Proud, Antony James and his team of coaches in another training camp. At this very moment, I am very grateful and blessed. This award entitles us to participate in the final training camp to be held in Phuket or Gold Coast, Australia soon.

Lastly, I wish to give thanks to God and my parents. They're my best guidance and strongest supporters."

Muhd Andi and Nicole Chan, both IBSC swimmers were announced as the most talented swimmers of the event winning them free AirAsia tickets to join the final swim camp overseas
A freestyle posing of the participants
Participants get a free Adidas & AirAsia T-shirt during the event
Cliona Tan and mum happy to be there

See also Ben Proud (@BenProud) _ Twitter

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