Friday, 19 January 2018

Team Briefing for MILO/PRAKL Age Group Swimming Championship 2018 - 24 Jan, 2018

Dear swimmers/parents,

Please note that a team briefing  for the MILO/PRAKL Age Group Swimming Championship 2018 will be held as follows for IBSC swimmers :

Date : 24 January, 2018 (Wed)
Time : 6:30 pm.
Venue : Cheras Pool, spectators' stands

Agenda :
1. Information of meet
2. F&B arrangement
3. Team attire
4. Seating
5. Scratching of events
6. Relays
7. School leave letters
8. Q&As

Additional notes :
a) Scratching of events must be communicated to the Team Manager (012-7223733) before 24 Jan 2018
b) School leave letters will be distributed during the meeting
c) IBSC team attire can be purchased from office if you do not own a set
d) Swimmers representing their respective schools in the meet are also invited to attend the team briefing for more information on the meet

Best Regards,
Team Manager
Vincent Low

Update - See Briefing Notes

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