Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hazy Melaka failed to deter IBSC swimmers in Leg 2

The Leg 2 Sport Excel Jr. Swimming Circuit, if of anything significant, has to be remembered by swimmers as one that is plagued by technical interruptions and bad haze from open burning in Sumatra.

Partly due to the technical faults of the score board, the heats were run rather slowly and was halted for 45 mins on Saturday. The first day of the swim meet was so exhausting, swimmers have to be kept waiting for their events way pass dinner time. The meet was only brought to an adjournment almost close to 9 pm. on Saturday night after the last event of 100m freestyle was swum.

Growling tummies produced cranky swimmers and some could not clock better times due to their fatigue on a prolonged day.

On Sunday the next day, luckily the heats were running more smoothly compared to the previous day. However, there was still things not within the control of organiser as the air quality during mid-day in Melaka was filled with haze as a results of opening burning from a neighbouring country.

Nevertheless, all these stressful elements were not enough to deter the determination of IBSC swimmers in winning points for the club and by the end of the competition on Sunday, the results were obvious enough to declare IBSC as the top club again in the Sport Excel meet.

IBSC with a total score of 2997 points, led by a huge margin of 1043 points, way ahead of PADE Supersharkz. The top 10 clubs with highest combined scores are shown above.

The effort of IBSC swimmers in gathering these points go mostly to the following :-

The top 3 IBSC points scorers are incidentally all breaststrokers.

Congratulations to IBSC top swimmer, Nicholas Soon who won 5 gold medals with collection of highest points of 178.

Lee Jia Jing who was top points earner in Leg 1 also did impressively well with 176 points after winning 2 gold and 5 bronze. The third highest point goes to Kimberly Ong who garnered 173 points with 3 gold, 2 silver and a bronze.

Well done IBSC! And this not only goes to swimmers alone but also to all great effort put in by the team as a whole especially to the coaches, Team Managers, chaperons and parents who have volunteered in looking after the kids in this travel meet. The accompanying fathers have also sacrificed Fathers' Day celebration by being with their children at the pool.  See our tribute to Swim Dads.

The full results of Sport Excel Leg 2 can be downloaded here.

The top 24 swimmers who earned the most points in each event will be selected to swim the final race in August 2013. Results on the selection will be made known to all once available.

Group 4 IBSC boys, happy with outing at Melaka pool
Anson Chew Chee Ming flying off the platform with full force
Caleb Nunis jumping off the block
Group 2 boys queuing up for their heats
Nicholas Soon right after his butterfly swim where he got gold
Rahul Lee flying to the finishing wall

* photos by Tharani

See more photos at IBSC Gallery.

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