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Wong Jun Bin returned to break 100 fly record in President Cup 2013

The spirit of Team IBSC was high throughout the swimming meet in Malacca last week where the annual championship was held for the 32nd time to compete for the President Cup trophy.

Tan Gin Yu (left) with Wong Jun Bin
IBSC departed to Hang Jebat Aquatic pool on the eve of competition with 2 full load of buses of 90 swimmers. The children were all excited about the swim trip.

Also joining the team were Wong Jun Bin and Tan Gin Yu, both who have just returned from Singapore Sports School for the year end holidays and made a timely contribution to the club with excellent results.

Even with the absence of some key swimmers, IBSC retained the championship title this year with collection of 1033 points with Pade Supersharkz coming in second with 584 points and Penang Swimming Club taking the third position with 453.5 points.

Top 10 club with highest points in President Cup 2013
IBSC, the Champion Club for President Cup 2013

Wong Jun Bin, 13, broke the 100 butterfly meet record
Wong Jun Bin was contented just to break the 100m butterfly event by a fraction of a second when he did 58.89s to erase the previous year record of 58.90s in the Group 2 boys event.

Keith Lim, 15, also broke the 100m butterfly event in Group 1 boys, however his new timing of 56.40s was only second best after Chan Jie's (KSAS) winning time of 56.32s in the same event where the latter re-wrote the old record of 57.00s.

Below is the list of the new records set at the 32nd President Cup 2013.

Kimberly Ong collected 6 gold and 2 bronze rejoicing with the trophy
In the IBSC team, Kimberly Ong, 12 amassed the most medals with 6 gold (50m and 100m butterfly, 50m backstoke, 50m breaststroke, 50m and 100m freestyle)  and 2 bronze (100m breaststroke, 100m backstroke) in the Group 3 category.

Meanwhile, for the boys swimmers representing IBSC, Lee Jia Jing led the team with 2 gold (50m and 100m breaststroke), 3 silver (50m and 100m butterfly, 50m freestyle)  and 2 bronze (50m backstroke, 100m freestyle).

In the mixed 200m freestyle relay event, the IBSC boys team were made up of Lee Jia Jing, Anson Chew, Wong Jun Bin and Keith Lim, while the girls relay members were Kimberly Ong, Pun Pei Jin, Amanda Nunis and Vanessa Lee. Both the relay teams swam to gold supported by the roaring of the cheering crowd at the pool.

Congratulations to all the IBSC medallists and point scorers who have helped garnered points for the club :

Also well done to the younger batch of swimmers who have improved by leaps and bounds to record their better personal best times.

Here we also wish to record our sincere appreciation to Nova Nutritional Supplies Sdn Bhd, TAGS and FINIS for sponsoring the team attire. The support of the parents, chaperones, team managers and dedication of all the coaches involved are also valued. It is always the team work that has made the swim outing a successful and enjoyable one.

We hope to repeat our feat again in 2014 President Cup next year.

See full results here.

IBSC swimmers getting ready to warm up at the pool
IBSC swimmers taking a break time at Malacca
Team T-shirts sponsored by TAGS
Jun Bin dashing off in the boys relay event where the team won gold.
Kimberly touched first with Pei Jin jumping off the block as second swimmer in the girls relay
Team of swimmers, coaches, team managers and chaperones of IBSC

Photos courtesy of Vivian Ong and Nancy Sim

View more pictures at the IBSC Gallery.

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