Sunday, 1 June 2014

The NST : Flying day for Chan Jie

SELANGOR'S Chan Jie was the standout swimmer on a bountiful day for the state in the Perlis Malaysia Games yesterday.

Chan Jie powered to the men's 50m butterfly gold in a games record time of 25.13 seconds at the Perlis Sports Complex Aquatics Centre in Kangar.

The 19-year-old had earlier broken Foo Jian Beng's (Selangor) 25.76s mark, set in 2008, during the heats when he clocked 25.36s.

His brother, Chan Yang, 20, took the silver in 25.22s while Penang's Alwyn Tan finished third on 25.34s.

Chan Jie, who in the past has turned down offers to represent the country, said he was delighted to win his first individual gold medal at the Malaysia Games after only emerging victorious in the 4x100m medley relay in Pahang.

"To be honest, I did expect to get the games record here today but am a bit disappointed I missed out on breaking my personal best of 25.10s." said the Sunway University ACCA student.

Selangor bagged five gold medals in the competition yesterday and also broke the men's 4x100m freestyle relay record.

Selangor (Chan Jie, Shaun Yap, Lim Tsiu Khoon, Yeap Zhen Yang) emerged victorious in 3:30.39s, beating the state’s own games record of 3:34.11s set two years ago.

Sarawak's Welson Sim, Allister Chung, Vernon Lee and Ngu Jiung Wei and Penang (Dylan Wong, Soo Ye Xang, Lim Yunn Fu, Alwyn Tan) finished in second and third on 3:35.13s and 3:36.02s.

Selangor also took gold in the 50m butterfly via Yap Siew Hui, 200m breaststroke through Nadia Adrianna Redza as well as the women's 4x100m freestyle relay.

RESULTS — Men's 50m butterfly: 1 Chan Jie (Sel) 25.13s (new games record), 2 Chan Yang (Sel) 25.22s, 3 Alwyn Tan (Pen) 25.34s.
100m backstroke: 1 Tern Jian Han (Joh) 57.69s, 2 Wong Tzi Rok (Sel) 1:00.18s, 3 Alex Tiong (Sar) 1:00.81s.
200m breaststroke: 1 Wong Fu Kang (Joh) 2:21.20s, 2 Ng Yi Hao (FT) 2:24.38s, 3 Shaun Yap (Sel) 2:26.15s.
400m freestyle: 1 Vernon Lee (Sar) 4:00.45s, 2 Yeap Zheng Yang (Sel) 4:01.23s, 3 Wong Jun Bin (FT) 4:14.08s.
4x100m freestyle relay men: 1 Selangor 3:30.39s (new games record), 2 Sarawak 3:35.13s, 3 Penang 3:36.02s.
Women's 50m butterfly: 1 Yap Siew Hui (Sel) 27.93s, 2 Ruth Chuah (Pen) 28.78s, 3 Asmalia Filzati Redzuan (Sel) 28.98s.
100m backstroke: 1 Chris Tan (Sab) 1:07.04s, 2 Caroline Chan (Sel) 1:07.23s, 3 Nadia Adrianna Redza (Sel) 1:10.08s.
200m breaststroke: 1 Nadia Adrianna Redza (Sel) 2:38.85s, 2 Phee Jinq En (Sel) 2:39.01s, 3 Gan Xin Jie (Pen) 2:46.60s.
400m freestyle: 1 Ong Ming Fen (FT) 4:25.57s, 2 Angela Chieng (Sar) 4:26.24s, 3 Asmalia Filzati Redzuan (Sel) 4:33.68s.
4x100m freestyle relay: 1 Selangor 4:00.43s, 2 Federal Territories 4:03.14s, 3 Sabah 4:03.95s.

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