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Inaugural Merdeka Swimathon brought funds and fun to IBSC

Desmond leading the contingent with Jalur Gemilang
31 August, 2014 was a memorable day as it was IBSC's first Merdeka Swimthon held to raise funds for the club's activities and also to empower the needy swimmers to live better through sports. The event was jointly organised with Persatuan Renang Amatur Kuala Lumpur at Kompleks Renang Kuala Lumpur.

It was a day apt to celebrate Independence Day too to instill the patriotism spirit amongst the youngsters. The pre-comp swimmers have a chance to display their kicking skill while parading in water and they had much fun flagging their mini Jalur Gemilang across the pool. Our PRAKL and IBSC President, Mr Teo Mua Seng officiated the opening ceremony accompanied by a loud horn sounded by Mr Wong Kam Yuen, the Vice President of IBSC.

Pre-comp swimmers kicking in the pool with their flags in the opening parade
Mr Teo waving the flag signifying the opening ceremony of Merdeka Swimathon

Prior to the event, swimmers were well committed to look for contributors to sponsor their long distance swim and some have managed to raise handsome amount of funds by returning more than one pledge cards allocated to them.

The top fund raisers receiving token of appreciation; from left Yap Li Wen (second), Liew Qiao Yin (first) and Nurlatifa (third)

Participants fulfilled their pledges by swimming any event they challenge themselves and some even swam beyond the 2km mark. The only one who could resist the most number of laps within the set timeframe of 45 minutes was Desmond Ng, 14, who continued to swim past the 2km mark to eventually reach 3.35km in the last seconds. He did that not only in his freestyle but also changed to butterfly stroke in the last few laps to the awe of the spectators.

From left, Jackson Khiew (silver), Desmond Ng (gold) and Tan Ei Siang (bronze) in the senior boys category

The fellow compatriot who trailed Desmond was Jackson Khiew who eventually stopped short of a minute to do 3.2km to claim the silver trophy in the senior boys category. The bronze went to Tan Ei Siang who did 2.1km in a faster time.

The senior girls category was won by Chong Yong Qi who challenged herself in the 2km race where she swam another 4 extra laps to stop at 2.2km winning herself a golden trophy. The second and third place fell to Amanda Grace Nunis and Nurlatifa respectively who both did the 1.5km circuit.

Senior girls champions, from left, Amanda, Chong Yong Qi and Nurlatifa

Junior boys winners, Sharizan Shazali, Ng Kai Wen and Jason Ng
The other long distance medallists are :

Junior Boys (2km)
1) Gold - Ng Kai Wen
2) Silver - Sharizan Shazali
3) Bronze - Jason Ng

Junior Girls (800m)
1) Gold - See Zhi-Syuen
2) Silver - Ashley Ting Xin Rui
3) Bronze - Pun Pei Jin

Junior girls winners, from left, Ashley Ting, See Zhi-Syuen and Pun Pei Jin

Elsa led the face painting team

While their seniors swam, the younger kids immersed themselves into fun games at the carnival booths set up by the volunteers. The face painting and paddle boats proved to be a hit among the patrons especially the younger clients refusing to give up their paddling activity until marshals need to be deployed to pull them back ashore.

Paddling fun with boats sponsored by a parent
The Wheel of Fortune attracted many players, with first prize being free renewal of IBSC membership for 2015

The highlight of the event was the parents and water-bomb relays. It was really very exciting to watch parents swimming along with their children. There were 8 family teams with rather unique team names spanning from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Ninja Dolphins, but the relay teams who came in first were :

1) Gold - Team Kingfisher (The Ng Family)
2) Silver - Team Sambal Belacan (The Soon Family)
3) Bronze - Team Kiara (The Bukit Kiara swimmers)

Parents and children relay underway
Family/adult relay teams

For the water-bomb relays, the kids were allocated into 8 mixed relay teams. They raced with the water-bombs in their hands at the diving pool in all sorts of humorous style and manner just to make sure the water balloons do not burst. The water-bomb relays were won by :

1) Gold - Red Team
2) Silver - Pink Team
3) Bronze - Blue Team

Kids were all excited to swim with their water-bombs that could burst any minute
Water balloons reaching safely
Water-bomb mixed relay team winners
The event came to a close with the prize presentations and luck draws. The lucky draw prizes were sponsored by MILO, SPEEDO and some parents.

IBSC wishes to extend its sincere appreciation to the following sponsors for making the event a successful one :

VGO Global (Madwave)
Nova Nutritional Supplies Sdn Bhd (Horleys)
Nestle Products Sdn Bhd (MILO)
Taragon Group
AmInvest Services Bhd
Green Cotton Sdn Bhd
Ikonic Concepts Sdn Bhd (Speedo)

Ellene Party Friends
Symphony Printing Sdn Bhd
Delihotzz Cafe

Also, most deeply valued is the unreserved contributions from the parents and support team including coaches and lifeguards rendering their help in the Swimathon under the hot sun. Without the effort of the volunteers, the event cannot be that smooth sailing. Thumbs-up to all!

This year's Swimathon is a small in-house event which is also a good platform for bonding amongst the families, trainees and support team. Hopefully, next year we will have a bigger do.

Enjoy the photos!

Pre-comp kids couldn't stop twisting their body to the beat of the ice-breaking dance music
En. Mutalib and Pak Andi buzy being the Marshals
Merdeka celebration wouldn't be complete without a cake ...
Swimmers did the ice-breaking dance to warm themselves up, led by a group of mothers
Swimmers had a fun time
Mr Teo congratulating Desmond for his marathon swim
The trophies and medals are sponsored by Madwave

Hundred of photos can be viewed at IBSC Gallery, thanks to Mr KC Neo and Mr WK Ng for capturing these golden moments for all to treasure.

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