Tuesday, 18 November 2014

New Swim Apps on iPhone - SwimSync

SwimSync is free for download into your iPhone

Hi there,

Parents and swimmers may wish to know that there's a new iPhone app called 'swimsync' developed very recently in Australia which can be used for storing your swim results. Here, we're not talking about one swimmer's results but you can record PBs of multiple swimmers, either that of your own club members, your few swimming children, peers or even your competitors for comparison! There's no limit on the number of swimmers you can key in.

Swimsync enables users to store swim times, graph results, save times directly from the in-built stopwatch and see all statistics from each swim including lap splits. Swimmers will be able to track their progress and enjoy watching their times improve. They can even view all their personal best times in one screen - no more searching for where and when the times were swum!

Swimsync saves all swim times from pool or open water races. You can chart swimmers’ progress, instantly view all personal best times, set goals, compare swimmers and organize swim meets.

Download for free now on your iPhone at https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/swimsync/id936533489?mt=8

There is also a ad-free version available for download for only US$0.99 at the moment.

See http://www.swimsync.com.au/

So, down wait. Try it out!

Best Regards,
IBSC Swim Committee

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