Friday, 14 November 2014

Star Community : Comeback kid makes big splash


TWENTY-FOUR records were re-written at the 11th Kedah International Invitational Swimming Championships held at the Gunung Keriang Aquatic Centre near Alor Setar.

The girls 13-14 years age group lining up at the starting point in the 50m freestyle event at the Gunung Keriang Aquatic complex near Alor Setqr during the 11th Kedah Annual international Invitational meet.

The number of records created, however, fell short of last year’s total of 31 although the number of participants this year outnumbered the previous year’s figure.

A total of 509 participants from 21 teams including 16 swimmers from Madras, India, took part in the championships this time whereas there were 430 participants from 15 teams including a team from Madras, last year.

Clement David Leong, 26, from Perak, who had laid off competitive swimming for about two years, made a successful comeback to bag four gold medals at the meet which was held over two days recently.

He was the oldest swimmer to win four events at the meet, including record-breaking performances in the 50m backstroke and 100m breaststroke categories.

He clocked a new time of 28.60s in the 50m backstroke to erase the old record of 28.96s by Dickson Chin from Penang Sports Club last year, and 1:07.72s in the 100m breaststroke to erase the 100m breaststroke record of 1:09.36s held by Athijade Moravan (Barracuda Aquatic Club Alor Setar) since 2011.

He also won gold medals in the 50m butterfly and the 50m freestyle. He also anchored the Perak team to win a bronze medal in the 4x100m freestyle relay.

The Madras Swimming Club, who had won six gold, eight silver and eight bronze medals last year, failed to ignite and went home without a gold medal this time.

The event was organised by the Kedah Amateur Swimming Association.

Organising secretary K. Ravindran rated this year’s event as the best ever since the inaugural meet 10 years ago.

“The huge response from teams who come from as far as Madras, Johor, Malacca, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Negri Sembilan made the meet a memorable one apart from regular participants from Perak, Penang and Kedah,” he said.

There were five age groups including two open categories for both boys and girls.

Penang Sports Club topped the leaderboard by winning 29 gold, 16 silver and 10 bronze medals while Ikan Bilis Swimming Club from Kuala Lumpur took second place with 21 gold, nine silver and 16 bronze medals.

The others finished in the following order: Bukit Banang GC Johor 10-14-13, Penang Chinese Swimming Club 10-10-11, Kelab Renang MSSC 7-15-8, Perak Amateur Swimming Association 7-10-10, Royal Selangor GC 4-1-7, Pirates Swimming Club 2-6-2, Rakan Akuatik Remaja Malacca 2-1-4, Pusat Akuatik Darul Ehsan 1-6-4, Trident Swimming Club 1-5-7, Madras Swimming Club 0-7-4, Sungai Petani Aquatic Club 0-1-0, Kinta Swimming Club 0-0-2 and Kingfisher Swimming club 0-0-1.

The records at the meet are as follows (former records in brackets):

Open: 200m breaststroke: Ng Yi Hao 3:30.29s (2:32.88s).

15 years & over: 50m backstroke: Clement David Leong 28.60s (28.96s), 100m backstroke: Hollymax Bell 1:02.57s (1:06.62s), 100m breaststroke: Clement David Leong 1:07.72s (1:09.36s).

13-14 years: 50m breaststroke: Ng Yi Hao 31.62s (31.97s), 100m breaststroke: Ng Yi Hao 1:08.48s (1:11.36s), 100m freestyle: Dylan Wong Xuan Kai 56.15s (56.334s).

11-12 years: 50m breaststroke: Toan Matsumoto 34.16s (34.51s).

9-10 years: 50m backstroke: Koay Wern Rui 36.58s (36.61s), 100m backstroke: Koay Wern Rui 1:17.58s (1;18.22S), 50m butterfly: Terence Lim Tzun Chen 33.36s (34.00s), 100m butterfly: Chew Kee En 1:13.90s (1:15.20s), 100m breaststroke: Hector Chong Kin Yee 1:24.88s (1:27.66s), 100m freestyle: Koay Wern Rui 1:06,54s (1:07.63s).

13 years & over: 100m freestyle relay: Penang Swimming Club 4:27.92s (4:36.55s).

13-14 years: 50m freestyle: Tan Yilin Elynn 27.66s (28.69s), 100m freestyle: Tan Yilin Elynn 1:00.58s (1:02.44s).

9-10 years: 50m freestyle: Ashley Chew 31.02s (31.19s), 100m freestyle: Yeong Zhen Yi 1:07.56s (1:08.75s), 50m backstroke: Ashley Chew 36.10s (37.06s), 100m backstroke: Yeong Zhen Yi 1:20.74s (1:21.62s), 100m butterfly: Yeong Zhen Yi 1:17.06s (1:17.86s).

Eight years & under: 50m freestyle: Jesselyn Lim Li Xin 34.62s (36.07s), 50m back stroke: Jesselyn Lim Lin Xin 42.55s (42.81s).

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