Thursday, 8 November 2012

IBSC itinerary for President Cup 2012

Dear IBSC Swimmers,

Thank you for attending the Team Briefing yesterday, 7 Nov 2012. For those who did not receive the itinerary of IBSC Team, it can be downloaded below :

IBSC Itinerary for President Cup 2012

The President and Team Manager briefing the IBSC team and parents

Should you have any further queries, kindly raise them to the relevant persons in-charge :

Ms Vivian Ong - Team Manager
Mr David Ong - Asst. Team Manger
Ms Pohlin - Chaperon
Ms Michelle Wong - Chaperon

On departure from Kuala Lumpur on 10 Nov 2012, swimmers are to wear the black t-shirt with the 'l Love IBSC' logo.

Please be reminded again that on the eve of President Cup all swimmers are invited to a Welcome Dinner and Opening Ceremony hosted by the organiser as follows :-

Date : 10 Nov, 2012
Time : 7.30 pm
Venue : Dewan Besar, Wisma Darul Iman
Attire : IBSC pink t-shirt with track suits or proper wear with long pants and shoes

Also note that the following is the sequence of T-shirts to be worn by the our swimmers during the President Cup this week :-

Swimmers’ Sponsored T-shirts
1, Sun
11 Nov 2012
Horleys - white
2, Mon
12 Nov 2012
Taragon - black
3, Tues
13 Nov 2012
Arena - blue

Day 1 - Horleys white T-shirt

Day 2 - Taragon black T-shirt

Day 3 - Arena blue T-shirt

GOOD LUCK and ALL THE BEST to all swimmers! 

May the glory of holding the President Cup Trophy rests once again with IBSC Team!


  1. GO Team IBSC!!!

    We are Ikan Bilis Oh Yeah
    From Kuala Lumpur Oh Yeah
    We move so fast Oh Yeah
    Cause we got class Oh Yeah
    When in the pool Oh Yeah
    We are so cool Oh Yeah
    We are so fast Oh Yeah
    That you’ll know we’re hot Oh Yeah
    Cause when we race Oh Yeah
    We set the pace Oh Yeah
    When in the water Oh Yeah
    We turn it hotter Oh Yeah
    When we swim Oh Yeah
    We always win Oh Yeah
    We’ve got the hold Oh Yeah
    On all the gold Oh Yeah
    We are Ikan Bilis Oh Yeah
    We swim to win Oh Yeah
    We’re number 1 Oh Yeah
    The only 1 Oh Yeah
    Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah

    1,2,3 - SWIM FAST!

  2. Oh yeah good poem bro /sis .Should make it the team song for IBSC.


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