Thursday, 7 March 2013

Star Metro : Phelps’ need for speed

A GLORIOUS summer of swimming has seen Michael Phelps become the most decorated Olympian of all time by winning an unprecedented 22 medals — each and every one of them won wearing Speedo.

To celebrate this record achievement, Speedo has compiled a series of 22 iconic images charting the swimming history of the most accomplished swimmer of all time.

In one of sport’s most successful partnerships between athlete and sponsor, Speedo has supported Phelps from the age of 14, right through to his latest record-breaking achievements in London.

During this time, Michael has secured 18 Olympic titles — twice the amount that any other athlete in any other sport has won — together with an unparalleled 27 World Championship gold medals.

Among these triumphs were the eight gold medals won in Beijing in 2008, a feat which earned the Baltimore native a US$1mil (RM3.1mil) bonus from Speedo.

Upon being presented with his cheque, Phelps announced that the money would be used to establish the Michael Phelps Foundation, which today helps to grow the sport of swimming among children and young people, while promoting the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Speedo president David Robinson said: “Through-out an unmatched career, we are delighted that Michael Phelps has trusted Speedo swimwear to help to achieve his goals in the pool.

“Speedo is passionate about the sport of swimming, and about inspiring people to swim. Michael’s achievements will, undoubtedly, motivate the next generation of champions to take to the pool and aim to emulate their hero; the most accomplished swimmer of all time.”

Phelps’ latest triumphs at the 2012 Olympics came as the majority of swimming medals were once again won by athletes wearing Speedo swimwear.

Fifty-nine per cent of gold medals were won by athletes wearing Speedo, with 13 Olympic records and five new world records broken in the process.

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