Saturday, 7 May 2016

The NST : Welson wins, but fails to beat record

By Ajitpal Singh

SHAH ALAM: Welson Sim won the men’s 400m freestyle race with ease but the swimmer was unhappy with his timing in the Malaysian Open at Darul Ehsan Aquatics Centre today.

The Sarawakian won in 3:53.74 ahead of India's Sajan Prakash (3:58.08) and Indonesia's Aflah Fadlan Prawira (3:58.71).

It was the second gold for Welson after the 200m freestyle race on Friday.

Welson, however, was unhappy with the outcome. "I am disappointed as I was hoping to beat Kevin Yeap’s meet record of 3:53.26. I can definitely swim faster that this but I was not in any pressure to do so,” said Welson, who has made the ‘A’ Olympic timings for the 200m and 400m races for Rio.

His timing in the 400m race was 3:41 seconds off his national record set in Singapore’s Age Group Championships in March.

“I have already met the Olympic cut. I still have the 1500m freestyle race tomorrow and I will try to break the meet record also held by Kevin (15:32.51),” Welson added.

Welson, 19, will head to Melbourne after the meet for a two-week training stint under national coach Paul Birmingham.


Men’s 50m butterfly: 1 Glenn Victor Sutanto (Ina) 24.23 (MR), 2 Cheran de Silva (Sri) 25.07, 3 Derick Ng (Hkg) 25.09;

100m backstroke: 1 Gede Siman Sudartawa (Ina) 55.37 (MR), 2 Ricky Anggawidjaja (Ina) 57.21, 3 Tern Jian Han (Joh) 58.94;

200m breaststroke: 1 Sandeep Sejwal (Ind) 2:15.58 (MR), 2 Wong Fu Kang (Joh) 2:18.78, 3 Kwok Ka Fai (Hkg) 2:18.84;

400m freestyle: 1 Welson Sim (Sar) 3:53.74, 2 Sajan Prakash (Ind) 3:58.08, 3 Fadlan Prawira (Ina) 3:58.71.;

4x100m freestyle: 1 Indonesia 3:26.45 (MR), 2 Hong Kong 3:30.36, 3 Selangor 3:35.99.

Women’s 50m butterfly: 1 Sze Hang Yu (Hkg) 27.34, 2 Chan Kin Lok (Hkg) 27.63, 3 Nicholle Toh (Sin) 27.85;

100m backstroke: 1 Stephanie Au (Hkg) 1:00.48 (MR), 2 Yessy Yosaputra (Ina) 1:05.65, 3 Sofie Kemala (Ina) 1:05.90;

200m breaststroke: 1 Phiangkhwan Pawapotako (Tha) 2:32.21 (MR), 2 Phee Jinq En (Sel) 2:34.91, 3 Erika Kong (Swk) 2:36.48;

400m freestyle: 1 Khoo Cai Lin (Sel) 4:20.43, 2 Raina Saumi Grahana (Ina) 4:24.54, 3 Sagita Putri Krisdewanti (Ina) 4:28.30;

4x100m freestyle: 1 Hong Kong 3:55.14 (MR), 2 Indonesia 3:59.53, 3 Selangor 4:07.72.

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