Friday, 14 August 2020

Hari Sukan Negara Swimming Competition 2020

Please note that there is a meet invitation from Malaysia Swimming (formerly known as ASUM).

Hari Sukan Negara Swimming Competition 2020

Malaysia Swimming is organizing a swimming competition in view that most of the swimming competitions were cancelled due to the pandemic coronavirus Covid-19. The coronavirus has disrupted our lives, socially and economically. Sport is not spared. Now that training has resumed and swimming is slowly gaining pace in the pool, an internal competition for the swimmers will be beneficial. Hence we are pleased to extend an invitation to all state affiliated swim clubs to participate in the Hari Sukan Negara Swimming Competition 2020. This competition will be held in National Aquatic Center, KLSC, Bukit Jalil from 9 - 11 October 2020.

Meet Information

a) Date : 9- 11 October 2020

b) Venue : National Aquatic Center, KLSC, Bukit Jalil

c) Organizer : Persekutuan Renang Malaysia (Malaysia Swimming)

d) Rules : FINA Rules Applies

e) Competition Format : Timed Finals (Group 1 & 2), Heats and Finals (Open Category)

f) Age of Reckoning : As of 1st January 2020

g) Team Managers’ meeting : 5.00 pm, 8th October 2020, Meeting Room, Level 2, National Aquatic Center

h) Entries : No limit to the number of swimmers per event

i) Entry Fees : - RM10.00 per individual event, RM40.00 per relay event

Download Competition Rules & IBSC Entry Form

Please submit entry to IBSC before 4 Sept 2020.

Saturday, 11 April 2020

Swim Fees Discount & Waiver during Restricted Movement Control Order


Dear IBSC members,

Due to the unavoidable Restricted Movement Control Order currently in place until 14 April 2020, and now further extended to 28 April 2020, our swim club understands the difficulty faced by everyone.

All swimming fees will be accorded 50% discount for the month of March & waived entirely for the month of April 2020. If you have paid March fees in full, then half of the fee will be carried forward to the next month, April 2020. If you have not had the chance to pay the fees yet, the Club appreciates your prompt payment of any arrears so that we can continue to pay salaries to our coaches.

Thanks for yr understanding! Please take care and keep an active life at home, especially the swimmers.

Stay safe!

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Qualifying Times to SEA Group Swimming Championships 2020, Kuala Lumpur

Kindly note that SEA Age Group Swimming Championship 2020 is scheduled to be held on 19-21 June, 2020 at Bukit Jalil National Aquatic Centre, KL Sports City.

The qualifying times have been published by ASUM as tabulated below.

Download SEA Group Swimming 2020 Qualifying Times

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

IBSC swimmers top notch performance at Milo/PRAKL Age Group Swim 2020

The MILO/PRAKL Age Group Swimming Championship 2020 was held for 3-days on 10th - 12th January, 2020 at Kompleks Renang Kuala Lumpur with 819 swimmers competing from 14 clubs and schools.

Congratulations to all IBSC swimmers and coaches for achieving great results and improvement in PBs. Many of the IBSC swam for their respective schools, hence results were split, not to mention some elite swimmers were exempted from the qualifying meet. Nevertheless, IBSC collected 59 gold, 59 silver and 52 bronze which in total amount to 170 medals.

IBSC also has one of the most representations of 59 swimmers who managed to swim to merit time and were considered for the forthcoming 56th MILO/PRAM Malaysia Invitational Age Group Swimming Championship (MIAG 2020) to be held on  5th-8th March 2020.

Our enthusiastic swimmers in their first day group photo.

We would also like to congratulate our swimmers who broke the PRAKL meet records with impressive new times. The new record holders are :

Karla Lim 
#102 Girls 18&O 200 Back Group Open, 2:36.64 
#203 Girls 18&O 100 Back Group Open, 1:12.36
#302 Girls 18&O 200 Free Group Open, 2:21.76
#312 Girls 18&O 50 Back Group Open 33.88

Khiew Tze Yean
#103 Boys 18&O 200 Back Group Open 2:14.31
#123 Boys 18&O 200 IM Group Open 2:12.70
#202 Boys 18&O 100 Back Group Open 1:01.72
#232 Boys 18&O 400 IM Group Open 4:46.60
#250 Boys 18&O 200 Breast Group Open 2:25.06

Ng Kai Wen
#220 Boys 18&O 50 Breast Group Open 30.34
#323 Boys 18&O 100 Breast Group Open 1:06.42

Low Ken Ji
#333 Boys 18&O 200 Fly Group Open 2:10.83

IBSC Boys Relay -  T Khiew, K Kevin Lin, K Ng, K Low
#260 Boys 15-17 4x100 Free Group Open 3:48.67 

Ng Kai Wen, achieved 2 new records in his pet event breaststroke
Mixed Open start-off in 50m Backstroke

Coach Lily Chiew with relay swimmers

Coach Daniel with his swimmers

En. Zul (in pink) with officials who are IBSC parents

All our swimmers remain enthusiastic and energetic to perform their best until the last day.

More photos can be viewed at the shared album, courtesy of Mr. Norman Ngui.

Special thanks to all parents who had volunteered in the meet, ie. Team Manager, En. Zul and all the great sporting parents who supported the team throughout the swim meet. And congratulations and thanks to all our dedicated coaches for their great effort in delivering improvement in swimmer’s results and PBs.

Thank you.
Farouq Affandi
Asst Team Manager.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Well done to 59 IBSC swimmers who have made their cut to MIAG 2020

Congratulations to IBSC swimmers who have swum their best in the recent PRAKL Age Group Swimming Championship 2020 to qualify into 56th  MILO/PRAM Malaysia Invitational Age Group Swimming Championship 2020 (MIAG 2020) to be held in Bukit Jalil from 5th to 8th March, 2020.

A total of 59 IBSC swimmers have qualify themselves to be part of Kuala Lumpur Swim Team.

Open Group Male
Daniel Bego
Keith Lim Kit Sern
Sebastian Soon
Khiew, Tze Yean
Ng, Kai Wen
Low, Ken Ji
Kevin Lim, Kit Min
Iqmal Muqhis, Bin Faizal
Afiq Imran, bin Masron

Group 1 Male
Steve Khiew Hoe Yean
Bryan Leong Xin Ren
Sharizan Shazali
Zachary Lim, Hong Sern
Wesley Kam Zhuo Wei
Yap, Min Shun
Muhammad Farhan Andi Maroef
Jayden Tan Khai Xin
Harry Chong, Guang Ming
Lay, Kye Xern

Group 2 Male
Teo, Zun Jet
Whisky Chew
Muhammad Arif, Bin Zulfikry
Ho, Jia Ming
Tobin Sia
Benjamin Lee, Jingguo
Jareick Cheong, Tze Kwang

Group 3 Male
Muhammad Dhuha, Bin Zulfikry
Lee Boon Wei David
Brendon Wong, Kai Xuen
Tan, Eng Lok
Harith Miqael Hisyam, Bin Hazrulhisyam
Tan, Goh Jun Roy
How, Jun Bing Brian
Ho, Jia Xuen

Group 4 Male
Adam Malik, Azizur Riza
Yap, Zhen Kok

Open Group Female
Karla Lim, Kay Yee

Group 1 Female
Ng, Zi Syuen
Lee Wei Len
Ashley Ting, Xin Rui
Chelsea Lee Ning
Asley Chow Jia Qian
Clarabelle Liew Wen Wei

Group 2 Female
Lee Wei Wen
Law Li Wei
Keira Liew Qian Hui
Alana Zaharah Sulong, Bt. Kaharudin
Ong, Shuk Xien Jolin
Teo, Sze Hui
Ng, Lee Sze
Ng Yen Sze

Group 3 Female
Kennington, Eleanor Rose
Riseley, Mika Kirsten
Callie Ting, Xin Yue
Nur Ariessa Safiya
Rebecca Chan, Xing Li

Group 4 Female
Shelly Ting, Xin Ru
Riverling Choo, Tze Ching
Isabelle Chiyi Buckley

Please download list and submit your entry form to PRAKL office by this week or before 30th January, 2020 prior to 3:00 pm. complete with payment (where applicable).

We wish the KL Team all the best!


Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Kejohanan Akuatik MSSWPKL 2020 on 11-12 February, 2020

Kindly note that the Kejohanan Akuatik MSSWPKL will be held at Kompleks Renang Kuala Lumpur on 11-12 February 2020. The order of events are stated below.

Please submit the registration forms to your respective schools.

Download MSSWPKL documents and forms 

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

56th Malaysia Invitational Age Group (MIAG) Swimming Championship 2020

Kindly note that the 56th Malaysia Invitational Age Group (MIAG) Swimming Championship 2020 will be held as follows :-

a) Date : 5 - 8 March 2020 (Thurs-Sun)
b) Venue : National Aquatic Center, Kuala Lumpur Sports City, Bukit Jalil
c) Organizer : Amateur Swimming Union of Malaysia (ASUM)
d) Rules : FINA Rules Applies
e) Competition Format : Timed Finals basis
f) Age of Reckoning : As of 1st January 2020
g) Team Manager meeting : 5.00 pm, 4th March 2020, Meeting Room,
National Aquatic Center
h) Entries : No limit to the number of swimmers per event
i) Closing Date : 5.00 pm on 15th February 2020
j) Entry Fees : - RM10.00 per individual event; RM40.00 per relay event

The Order of Events are :

The above meet will be a qualifying meet for Sea Age Group Swimming Championship 2020 as well as Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Qualified and eligible swimmers to participate in the 56th MIAG 2020 shall be notified by Persatuan Renang Amatur Kuala Lumpur (PRAKL) upon completion of PRAKL Age Group Swimming Championship 2020 scheduled on 10-12 January, 2020.

See MIAG 2020 Invite & Rules

Friday, 29 November 2019

A sweet success for IBSC in successfully retaining the President Cup champion trophy in the 38th National Inter-Club Swimming Championships 2019

Among all the 40 participating clubs, IBSC tops the Championship with 1,158 total points, followed by DSAS Swim Club with 1,090.50 points and PADE-SuperSharkz Swimming Club at 899 points, in last week's National Inter-Club Meet.

All IBSC swimmers have played their role in contributing to the collective success to win this year’s President Cup again, continuously for the 3rd year in a row after a break in 2016.

Such great feat couldn't have been achieved, without the hard work of the coaches and support teams. Their continuous solid support and encouragement throughout the 3-day stiff competition were exemplary.

Medal contributors are worth-mentioning below, although we could not cover all of them.

Muhammad Dhuha Bin Zulfikry, from Group 4 boys, swam with confidence to grab the first individual gold medal for the club in the 50m butterfly and also breaking the meet record (held by Tetsuharu Dohi at 30.79 since 2016) with his impressive new PB of 30.11, setting the right momentum for the team. He continued to deliver 5 more individual gold medals in 100m breaststroke (PB 1:20.68), 50m backstroke (PB 33.24), 100m butterfly (breaking meet record with PB 1:07.56), 100m freestyle (PB 1:02.70) and 100m backstroke (PB 1:13.72). Dhuha continued to add a bronze medal to his collection in 50m freestyle (PB 29.53) giving a total of 7 individual medals.

His brother, Muhammad Arif Bin Zulfikry, from Group 3 boys, also showed great achievement by delivering 3 bronze medals for 50m freestyle (PB 26.72), 100m freestyle (PB 57.90) and 100m backstroke (PB 1:07.84).

For Group 1 Boys, Bryan Leong, delivered 2 gold medals for 100m butterfly (PB 55.00) and 50m freestyle (23.95). With new PB 55.00s he broke the meet record for the 100m butterfly (MR 56.32s since 2013) and he only missed by 0.01s to break the 50m freestyle meet record. His impressive performance continued by clinching a bronze medal for 100m freestyle. Meanwhile, Low Ken Ji, also from the same age group, had beaten all his comrades for the 100m freestyle to nab the individual gold medal with a new PB of 52.97. Nonetheless, Bryan, Farhan Andi Maroef, Xiang Zhi all contributed strong points in this event.

Group 2 Girls proved to be strong as well, lead by Ng Zi Syuen, total of 5 medals, contributing 3 silver medals in 100m breaststroke (PB 1:16.99), 50m backstroke (PB 32.35) and 100m backstroke (PB 1:10.73). She also gave us 2 bronze medal for 50m breaststroke (PB 36.57) and 50m freestyle (PB 28.46). She is an all rounder. 

Group 3 Girls was led by Lee Wei Wen having bagged 6 individual medals - 2 gold for 100m butterfly (PB 1:09.85) and 50m freestyle (PB 27.90); 2 silver for 50m butterfly (PB 31.41) and 100m freestyle (1:01.71) and 2 bronze. 

For the age 11-12 boys, Ng Chong Cheng (total 5 individual medals) brought home 2 individual gold medals - one for 50m backstroke (PB 29.77) and another for breaking the Daniel Bego’s (26.06 *2002) meet record of 50m freestyle (PB 25.80); and plus 3 silver medals for 100m backstroke (PB 1:07.66), 50m backstroke (PB 33.20) and 100m freestyle (PB 57.87)

We are blessed to have our seniors swimmers joining the Open category. IBSC senior and national swimmer, Keith Lim himself delivered an outstanding performance with 2 individual gold medal won for Men Open 50m butterfly and 50m backstroke.  

Steve Khiew, on the other hand swam up to higher category in open and still managed to deliver gold medal for 100m backstroke (PB 58.50) and silver medal for 100m freestyle. 

Hollymax Bell, grabbed 4 individual bronze medals for Men Open 50m backstroke, 100m butterfly, 50m breaststroke and 100m backstroke.

IBSC seniors contributing massive points to the Club

It was a real pumped-up excitement for the 4x100m Freestyle Mixed Relay event, for  both swimmers and parents present. Our IBSC Boys 17 and Under relay team comprises of Lay Kye Xern, Muhammad Dhuha Zulfikry, Muhammad Arif Zulfikry and Low Ken Ji; improved the best time at 3:48.88 and contributed gold medal. On the other hand, IBSC Girls 17 and Under relay team consists of Ng Zi Syuen, Shelly Ting, Karla Lim and Lee Wei Wen though they recorded a slower time of 4:22.04 after PADE-SuperSharkz and DSAS Swim Club, still managed to contribute to bronze medal.

The girls and boys relay teams

I would like to congratulate all the swimmers who have given their best performance for the three days and salute to all coaches for your outstanding commitment in supporting your swimmers. 

I also would like to thank the team manager Mr Vincent Low, Asst Team Manager Mr Ho and chaperones Mdm Yen Ling and Mdm Zaszima for their support and patience in managing the swim team. Thank you also to Ms Nancy for your good advice and encouragement and to all parents for your full cooperation from Day 1 until the end. 

Farouq Affandi
Asst Team Manager

Great team work from the Team Managers and assistants
See Photos Gallery (credit to Mr CK Wong)

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